Ken Mc Hugh


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I am a music composer, songwriter and producer by trade ( Woody Allen/ Jon Bon Jovi, Donovan/The Voice), previously released 4 albums under the monikers Autamata/We Saw Heaven/I’m Your Vinyl, and worked on lots of Film and TV scores. Recording, mixing and mastering sound are also areas of expertise. While spending long days in the recording studio, I got fed up eating take away food and quick sandwiches, so I started to hang out a bit more in the room that was normally kept for making coffee, the kitchen! Creating tasty meals soon became an obsession, it was a whole new world of adventure and creativity. I soon realized there were strong similarities between creating songs and music using chords, lyrics and sounds, while combining select food ingredients and tastes to create mouth watering dishes.

With no formal training I don’t claim to be an expert of any kind in the kitchen.
All I know is to trust my palate, which has matured and developed from my experiences and travels throughout the world. Food TV shows and cook books are main sources of inspiration. Like my path in music, the day you stop learning is the day you stop living.

With this blog I plan to document some of my personal experiences based around food, the relevant recipes I have developed that are worthy of sharing, and some songs or instrumentals that soundtrack the moment or particular dish.

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