Rustic Smoked Fish Pâté

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If you have noticed my blog entries have been a little slow of late,  let me explain. It’s been a bit hectic around here the past couple of months, since I launched my first food product into the Supervalu supermarket chain.

It all began last May ( 2015 ) when I entered an RTE TV series called “The taste of Success” for fun. It was a product development show in association with LIDL. With a seventy five thousand euro cash prize, and the winning product getting stocked in all LIDl stores within Ireland, it was worth a shot. As each round passed my smoked fish pâté seemed to be a hit, crowned Dublin regional champion, through the quarter final, semi final, right up to the final result….runner up overall. I joked at the time that I was runner up in the taste of failure. With nearly a thousand entries at the start, I was proud to have reached the final two.

The show itself was originally aired on Monday evenings last September, a prime time slot (8:30). Although it was a product development show, as the competition progressed, it all became a bit more serious, the prize was life changing and it seemed I may have had a good chance of winning. Filming for hours each day and condensed down into a thirty minute slot, a TV show like this is always edited with drama in mind, although not always with context as priority. If you enter a TV show competition, that’s the nature of the game. It was a great experience overall, developing the product and cooking each day under the mentorship of Domini Kemp, and nervously presenting the revised product to the judging panel for consideration.

Watching the reaction and comments on social media was an interesting exercise. A lot of viewers seemed to really like the product, which was very encouraging. This got me thinking….why not try and bring the product out myself. Nine months later it is now available in select stores.

I heard about the Supervalu food academy program for artisan food producers. I applied and was swiftly accepted into the training program. Back to school for me while I was guided through a crash course in the food production industry. Shelf life testing, clostridium botulinum, allergens, high risk/low risk, brand and packaging design, investors, marketing, local enterprise office grants, outsourced manufacturers, distributers, margins, business plans, website building……..presenting to the buyers from Supervalu, they agreed to stock my product in their stores.


My new food brand is called “Fresh From…”. Starting with “….the pier”, I plan to include other products under the farm/the garden umbrella. I launched my “Rustic Smoked Fish pâté” on the 7th of July and we are now socked in 14 Dublin shops, with more added each week, expanding at a sustainable rate as we progress. With news that the product is now selected as a finalist in the Blas na heireann food awards, the journey continues.


Fresh From Rustic Pate 3D - 2

What is it?

  • Flakes of hot smoked salmon with mackerel, creme fraiche, capers, lemon juice and dill

  • The only pâté of its kind on the market with a coarse/chunky texture

  • No other pâté combines hot smoked salmon and mackerel

  • No other pâté uses Crème fraîche

  • High in omega 3 fatty acids – healthy

  • High in protein
  • Gluten free

Serving Suggestions:
  • Tuesday with some bread for a quick lunch

  • Thursday post workout with a salad

  • Friday night with a glass of wine

  • Saturday eve as a starter for your dinner party

  • Sunday afternoon on crackers as a canape for the big celebration

  • Or just stick on some music, put your feet up and enjoy it all by yourself as an all ’round savoury treat

Check out our website and social media pages for more info, or to keep up with progress. Now that it’s all up and running, I can get back to more frequent Soundgrub blog posts.

In the middle of all of this, I continued  to write, record, mix and perform music. Music and food, it’s a passion!


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