Five Minute Ice Cream

Ice Cream6

Five Minute Ice Cream

My name is Ken and I am a sugar addict. Getting through the daylight hours is never an issue, often turning my nose up at the vast array of sweet treats offered throughout my daily adventures. Once evening arrives the sweet cravings begin, little voices in my head chant “feed me, feed me”. I seek out a quick fix.

With all the recent debate around sugar and it being the devils work, it’s good to be conscious of the effects associated with over consumption. The world health organization have changed the recommended daily intake from twelve spoons to a mere seven. The laws on food packaging are very strange and can be rather misleading. It’s good to be aware of hidden sugar in all processed food. Low fat food is always pimped out with lots of additional sugar to make it taste better. Fruit is full of natural sugars that should be factored into a daily intake limit. Once I set my mind to it, these sugar cravings can be curtailed. Two or three days of abstinence or cutbacks, the voices seem to subside and head off to bother someone else. A little of what you fancy is no bad thing, moderation is always allowed.

All this sugar talk, I need a quick fix, this five minute ice cream will do the trick, and can be classed as a healthy option.  It’s a great last minute dessert to have within your repertoire, as long as you have a few key ingredients lying in wait. Frozen bananas or berries seem to work best. Packs of frozen raspberries or forest fruits that are readily available in most supermarkets will come in handy here. Once your bananas start to turn darkish and you proceed to chuck them in the bin…stop…remove the skin and break them up into one inch sized pieces, place in a container and store them in the freezer. The trick here is use a lot of frozen fruit with just a little bit of yogurt and honey to achieve a firm texture. If you add too much at the start, it will be very slushy with no way to revert. If the consistency is too hard and not forming properly, add in a little extra yogurt or water. Using bananas, it resembles an ice cream. With berries, it is more like a sorbet. A naughty way to help consume your five a day, without the pangs of guilt.


Ice Cream4

Using a food processor, add the frozen fruit with the greek yogurt or creme fraiche, along with the honey or maple syrup. Blitz everything up (it will be very loud but no need to panic) for about 30 to 60 seconds, scrape down the sides and repeat until smooth and the mixture forms into an ice cream like texture. If need be, add a little extra yogurt or water as you go to help it along. Scoop out and transfer into serving bowls. I am using some fresh pomegranate and raspberries with finely grated lime zest as an accompaniment here. If you fancy it a little bit sweeter, a dash of cordial will do the trick.

The song to soundtrack this creation is “Ice Cream Man” from Van Halen. Whatever your musical taste, one has to admire the virtuoso guitar playing from Eddie Van Halen. Silky smooth, creamy and sweet.



  • 200g of frozen banana or frozen berries
  • 2/3 tsp of thick yogurt or creme fraiche
  • 1 tsp of honey or maple syrup
  • A little water if required
  • Fresh fruit and lime zest to serve.




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